Guide to the Winter Garden: A series

During the autumn we had Chris Collins come and join us at the Walworth Allotment Association in Fielding Street, for an afternoon of learning how to prepare our garden spaces, for the winter. He gave us practical demonstrations on one of the plots of the allotment on the topics of

  • Seed sowing in drills
  • Sowing a pollinator border 
  • Take cuttings – hardwood , semi-ripe , softwood  
  • Seed saving
  • Composting 
  • Pruning 
  • Using a Propagator 

We decided to film the event – so keep an eye out – for the uploads on our instagram page and & on our gallery here. Hopefully the information is helpful to beginners and the seasoned gardener alike. Chris shares very straightforward explanations on how best to work with our gardens, rather than against them by improving our relationship with soil, the other animals of the garden and working with what we already have in our garden spaces.

Chris Collins has been gardening since the 80s, with his career journey beginning as an apprentice gardener with Brighton parks department. He is an alumni of horticultural studies at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh and has been involved in a multitude of horticultural projects, in a practical and consultancy capacity. You may recognise him from his many appearances on television.

Read more about Chris here 

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