Alberta Fruit Commons

When the Alberta Estate was built in the late 1950s, fruit and nut trees formed a significant part of the planting in communal garden areas. The fruit trees were part of a 50’s vision of a healthy living estate. 

In 2017 the Alberta TRA formed a group with the aim of caring for the remaining fruit trees, and renewing planting that has been lost. Rather than focusing on one specific growing site, our project is estate-wide, linking up disconnected parts of the estate. 

Our ambition is to use fruit trees as a focus for community events, fostering greater community involvement and custodianship of our communal spaces, creating stronger links between the TRA and the wider community, and improving the local environment. We are also forging links with other local organisations such as Crampton Primary School, neighbouring TRAs, and Walworth Garden.

The unusual design of the Alberta estate means that there are more than 8 separate communal gardens scattered about the Alberta Estate, plus many other planting areas and raised brick beds. Rather than focusing on one specific growing site our project is estate wide – linking up disconnected parts of the estate. 

See our Googlemap for the sites and project phases.

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