Collinson Street Garden

Collinson Street Garden is a hidden gem off of Southwark Bridge Road. 

The efforts of the community coming together, saved what had almost been converted into a plastic covered strip outside the estate. With the help of locals coming together, over the past two and a half years they have brought a garden full of edibles, herbs, and wildlife meadows alive with life. The garden from it’s inception has encouraged children to participate, in everything from building raised beds to harvesting their own fruits and vegetables. Local groups of children from the nearby adventure playground have come to use the space, with many activities being arranged for the youth. A wonderful book about the gardening clubs run at the garden was created last year. 

The garden itself is a small haven for biodiversity in the area and a safe space, cordoned off for children to come and embrace nature. The young cherry tree on site is bearing fruits, with mature Turkish oak as the focal point and an apple near the back of the garden by the composting heap. Recently a water butt has been fixed into the site, helping the garden with more sustainable watering practices. Growing across the railings are honeysuckle and blackberries. With chard, leeks, raspberries and strawberries occupying the raised beds. The space has embraced the wild and has clusters of wildflower meadow and wonderful “weeds” such as mallow and ripe plantain being allowed to grow and create layers to the space.