Fielding Street (Walworth Allotment Association)

The Walworth Allotment Association, located in Fielding St, was set up in the 1970s, when the space was reclaimed by local residents from previous industrial use. Local residents developed the site into allotments where they could hold farming plots long term. There are now 16-20 allotment spaces, with two reserved for new allotment holders to trial before moving onto one of the larger holdings. Each plot is an individual expression of the holder – some with neat rows of vegetables with companion plants and fencing – whilst others allow plants to take on more wild forms with vegetables roaming in the bushes and herbs falling beyond the borders. 

Privacy cast from fruit trees and overgrowth around the perimeter keep the site sheltered and discrete from the outside, once inside you become immersed in the abundance of the space. Fielding Street is a biodiversity haven – filled with dozens of species of flowers, natural debris and flourishing weeds offering natural food sources and habitat for a multitude of insects and animals in the allotment. A small pond encourages a greater variety of wildlife to the space. 

There is a wonderful communal seating area, with seats created from tree trunks. Discreetly in the bush, are three colonies of bees, helping with the pollination of the allotment’s many fruit trees and bushes. The apiary on the site was set up around 8 years ago, with the help of Barnaby Shaw from Bee Urban

Residents of SE17 can apply for an allotment.  With such a small number of plots, please be warned that the turnover is slow, and the waiting list is long!  To apply, please email the committee: [email protected]