Newington Estate

Newington was an ancient parish, the name means ‘new farmstead’ which are the buildings on the grounds of a farm. Today the estate has 360 households, with multiple pockets of green spaces speckled throughout. Numerous apple trees flow seamlessly through the estate, with iron planters clustered around the bases with young perennials.

During the lockdown of the pandemic, access to the back of TRA hall was lost  – with the resident’s gardening group unable to access the space. They are now returning to re-establish the area which is home to herbs, camellias, roses and a young apricot tree grown from the stone. A very mature Yucca gigantea frames the space and in it’s speckled shade a propagation area. The space is fenced off to the children’s playground to the side which residents pushed to have a mural painted on the back wall, the result is an uplifting sight. 

Nearby on the green a sensory garden has begun to take shape. Planted directly outside the gate to the playground it is attracting lots of residents with children to engage with the space and the hopes are to add many more plants which actuate the senses and promote interaction.

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