For a second time

Jacob Rees Mogg made out of leeks for an entry to a garden show called Jacob Looks Mogg

After a very successful show in the summer we are back for our now annual Autumn show in conjunction with Nursery Row Park on Saturday 28th September from 1.30pm till 4.30pm with lots of free activities.

Have you tried our now famous flower crown making? You might win a prize for your efforts. This year we are also introducing vegetable sculpting and we want to see if someone can create something that tops Jacob Leeks Mogg with plenty of scope for artistic licencing in current affairs our hopes are high! We will also be judging the usual categories of best veg, best flower, best picture and best food so there is something for everyone.

Debbie, the new coordinator for WCGN, is brigning a selection of jams from the north of the river with an eye for the prize so the north south gauntlet is down and we cannot let the south down.

Bring us your large, small. weird and wonderful veggies yearning to show thier true selves. The photos, the jams, cakes and vegetable dishes to our tables. Send the children for flower crowns and the adults for sculpting and we will lift the Golden Dahlia to shine light.

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