Composting event

As one of the last events of the year, we were fortunate to have facilitator Jack Narbed with us, at the Kennington Park Road Community Garden. 

We had a lovely turn out of guests from residents to network members. All brought together to learn about the magic of composting. 

The session covered:

  • The basics of composting – getting started
  • Different techniques of composting
  • Cold vs hot composting
  • Composting at different scales
  • Harnessing energy – in a permaculture context

And how to apply these in your homes and gardens, turning kitchen scraps and fallen leaves in dark rich compost. 

Those who attended said:

‘Truly life enhancing knowledge.’

‘Jack was a fantastic facilitator. I certainly learnt a lot about composting.’ 

‘Top quality teaching… a balance of visual aids, practical demos, touch and talk, storytelling, lots of Q&A, so engaging.’ 

Jack works at Glengall Wharf Garden, a new member of our network, who are based on the eastern edge of Burgess Park. You can find out more about them at

They run weekly volunteering sessions and run a wonderful schedule of events through the seasons.

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