The Great Walworth Plant Swap

On Saturday 20th May, we teamed up again with the members of The Walworth Society, to bring a plant swap to the garden of St. Peter’s Church. Vegetable seedlings, young fruit bushes and house plant cuttings were all available to locals, as well as some veg and Hollyhock seeds. We had a couple of unusual plants such as black current sage, young elder and garden loosestrife. 

Over two hours, we had a few dozen groups turn up to swap or leave donations for plants. The atmosphere of young children and elders coming together, flowing round the table after such a testing year for everyone, was encouraging to see. The grounds themselves are beautiful, filled with lemon balm, marjoram, lavender and calendula. 

The intention of these annual plant swaps is to keep bringing the community together as an opportunity to affordably source plants to  homes and gardens, whilst gaining new knowledge of the plants, whether as a seasoned gardener or newbie. It is a great chance to get together with locals. 

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