Pullens Project Blog Post

Behind the scenes

This past weekend we had the pleasure of shooting footage at five gardens from the network. Vincent Brown from the Pullens Estate reached out to us a few months ago to collaborate on the ‘virtual garden tour’ project with funding help from the Pullens TRA. After a busy summer for us all, we were finally able to make the plan come to fruition. 

Over Friday and Saturday, we visited the sites and spoke with the gardeners about the history of their allotments/gardens, their inspiration for creating the gardens, community involvement, children’s projects, their hopes for the future – and so much more!

It was a real privilege to be able to capture a slice of South London and Walworth history.  Hopefully the videos we will release can serve as a wonderful archive of the local area and be a reminder of the evolutions of the growing spaces. With many of the gardens involved in expansion projects, building more raised beds and gardens due to the demand of their neighbours – it will be great to look back in a few years at the differences!

A big thank you to all the cast involved from the Pullens Estate, Alberta Fruit Commons, Brandon Estate, Rockingham Allotment and Surrey Square School. 

Looking forward to sharing the full videos with you all soon! 

Watch this space. 

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