Getting Ready for Winter

Growers on the PACT allotment in Caspian Street with their autumn harvest of green tomatoes and slugs with Debbie from Walworth Community Garden Network Southwark SE5

The training season has started with two sessions last weekend. The first was held at Caspian Street Allotments with the wonderful and diverse PACT group lead by Layla. We had a great mix of families and ages looking at how to prepare the allotment for winter, how they might alter the layout to make it easier for families to garden, and what slugs are actually beneficial to the garden. Slug identification was very popular with two of the younger participants whom managed to find a massive collection hiding in various places. Click on the picture to be taken to some information about slugs.

The afternoon saw us at the Wells Triangle where they have been planting a wide variety of fruit and nut trees as well as some wonderful seasonal flowering plants and fruit bushes. Set out over various spots across the area the growers come together to plant for the local community. They also litter pick and make the ‘inbetween’ spaces better for everyone. We looked at different planting ideas for spots, how they could set up some inspiring bio-diversity areas, and where they might need some extra help with managing the various trees. Luckily we have just the person for the job, and they will be joining these enthusiastic growers very soon.

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