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Alberta Fruit Commons

Picture of children gardening Alberta Fruit commons Walworth community garden network

Alberta Fruit Commons in a community fruit growing project based on the Alberta Estate, West Walworth. 

When the Alberta Estate was built in the late 1950s, fruit and nut trees formed a significant part of the planting in communal garden areas. The fruit trees were part of a 50's vision of a healthy living estate. 

In 2017 the Alberta TRA formed a group with the aim of caring for the remaining fruit trees, and renewing planting that has been lost. Rather than focusing on one specific growing site, our project is estate-wide, linking up disconnected parts of the estate. 

Brandon Gardening Club

Large raised bed with herbs and flowers on the Brandon Estate walwlorth community garden netowrk

 Welcome to the Brandon estate gardening group. We are a collective of estate residents who have actively decided to get involved with planting and maintaining the plants, shrubs and herbs that are growing in the 22 raised bed planters on the estate. 

 In Autumn 2017 Southwark council awarded the estate a grant to have a landscape gardener design a planting scheme, and the plants were put in place in late 2017. A group of residents decided to get involved with helping with the planting, and have taken on the responsibility of watering, weeding, and maintaining the plants. 

Walworth Garden


Walworth Garden is a unique and complex little charity that has served the community for over 30 years.

We work with some of the most disadvantaged people in our community and help them to succeed in their ambitions. Our Horticultural Therapy offer,'GROW!' tackles loneliness, isolation, mental health and well-being. All on the increase in our societies. 

With a variety of free workshops centred around health, wellbeing and growing, the Garden provides knowledge and nurture for the Walworth community and beyond.

Pullens Garden Club


The Pullens Garden Club and the Pullens Kids Garden Club meet twice monthly during the summer. We look after raised beds in built around threes in Peacock St, and large planters and a mini woodland area in Peacock St. All are welcome. To find out more email 

The Friends of Pullens Gardens help look after the newly renovated park in Amelia St, organise events through the year, and look after the community garden bed. For more information and to get involved please email us at 

67 - 73 Kennington Park Road


67 - 73 Kennington Park Road is a small block with like minded Tenants & Residents who like the idea of growing their own. 

We have wonderful community garden located in our communal space. It's our second season now and we've been again really successful in growing a variety of vegetables, from tomatoes to callalloo.  It's so much fun for us parents and our kids love it too.

Berwick Court


Communal gardens shared by over 200 residents. A podium garden with a mixture of drought resistant planting, nectar rich pollinators, wild flowers and edibles set around two courtyards plus separate no-water dry garden and shady wildlife-friendly “woodland” garden.

Run by: Berwick Court Residents Management Committee

Surrey Square School


Surrey Square School community growing space. Over the Summer 2019  Edible Rotherhithe with the support of grant funding erected a poly tunnel in Surrey Square School in Faraday ward creating the community garden and an outdoor all year round classroom.

Currently running two food growing after school clubs and a poetry and printing club each week from the polytunnel.

We also run a food growing club in SE16 at Age UK Bermondsey one morning a week.

The food grown both at AgeUK and Surrey Square School goes in to the kitchens as part of the lunches provided.

Crampton Street Patch


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Peacock Street Urban Orchard


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Walworth Allotment Association


Fielding Street - coming soon

Fielding Street Allotments


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Gibbings House


Receiving a Cleaner Greener Safer Fund Award last year has enabled us to turn an unused and neglected strip of grass in front of our block into a community garden. Added to this the help of WCGN, Garden Organic, BOST, Better Bankside, Team London Bridge, local Councillors, local businesses , and our wonderful TRA has seen the garden grow.  Even our local police gave up their free time to help when some of our planters were stolen. 

Having asked residents what they would like to grow we have developed a scheme that mixes permanent planting, flowers, herbs, vegetables and small fruit trees.
Even though we weren’t able to get going until well into the growing season, we have grown carrots, courgettes, tomatoes, chillies, lettuce, celery, green beans, peas, callalloo, swiss chard, strawberries, blueberries and many herbs.

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Newington Estate


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Rockingham Allotments


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Draper Hall Garden


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Lamlash Garden


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Caspian Street Allotments - PACT


A mixed community growing group that is based at the Caspian Street Allotments. The group is looked after by PACT  Project Coordinator Layla whom gardens enthusiastically with families to grow a variety of familiar and unfamiliar produce.

Wells Triangle Community Growers


A like minded group of local community growers looking after planted fruit trees, bushes and naturalised planting around them.