A passing

This is a hard piece to write and even harder to think of a title for. Walworth Community Garden Network sadly lost one of our founding members on Friday 3rd September. The news of Carol Wheatleys passing was a shock to all and she will be greatly missed not only as a member of our network but as valued member of the local community, a mum, grandmother and great grand mother. Many people spoke of her huge contribution to the neighbourhood as well as the gardening network sentiments such as:

‘A true community spirit’

‘..a huge help (our secret weapon) for all matters local and gardening around the Newington..’

‘Carol came across as friend on our first meeting’

For my part I first met Carol when working for Garden Organic in the area and was looking to support community gardens with the work I was doing. We had many chats about a huge range of gardening topics, spent time together in the estate garden and I got to know her and her great grandson Jason well. Carol was always helpful in providing a space in the hall for community activities and jumped in at the last minute many times for meetings by the South Food Action Alliance. Through her I got to know more members of the local community and she encouraged me to drop in for craft meet ups that were held regularly in the estate hall. Carol became a friend over the 5 years I knew her and I am pleased I was able to talk to her a couple of times in the weeks before she died.

She will be missed by many people for a along time, and our meetings and events will not be the same without her. To her family our deepest condolences. To her community our sympathies and to our membership please join us Thursday 16th September at The Manor of Walworth to raise a glass and rember this wonderful, happy giving woman of Newington.

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