A Bloody Marvel!

close up of the centre of the bloody marvel lettuce produced by Richard Galpin in West Walworth Southwark

With a seven year plan and an aim to produce a robust wide-gene-pool lettuce, more resistant to London’s urban growing conditions, artist Richard Galpin set out breed and save seed for a new Walworth grown variety. Now entering year five the Bloody Marvel is looking for new homes and new growers to trial it for 2020.

A stunning variety of lettuce that can grown through winter with light cover ie wire hoops, and an old sheet or garden fleece if feeling fancy. It also has resistance  to bolting but still needs to be watered throughout the hotter months.

Can be succession sown February to May for Spring use and the July & August for Autumn with a final sowing in September & October for over wintering and an early spring start. If you follow the link to Richards website you will find a whole host of information and further links to for information on research, seed saving and articles.

If you would like to take part in growing some you will be able to collect some seeds from our Seed Swap Walworth on 23rd February 2020.

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